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CD-ROM "General and Inorganic Chemistry"
This multimedia educational course
"General and Inorganic Chemistry" is designed for teaching chemistry in the 11th form of secondary school, and can be used for senior school children in preparation for entrance into higher education.
The CD-ROM "General and Inorganic Chemistry"explicity sets out complex educational material with generous use of illustrative graphs, formulas of chemical reactions, 3D animations of reactions, chains and bonds, complemented by a whole series of photos and digital video.
The metaphor of "theatre" presented by means of the 3D graphics and virtual reality elements is the basis for visualization of the educational material and organization of the CD-ROM navigation.
The Course includes the following sections:
    1. Atom.
    2. Mendeleyev Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.
    3. Chemical Infrastructure and Chain Reaction of Inorganic Substances.
    4. Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation.
    5. Oxidisers and Reducers in Chemical Reactions.
    6. Group I, II and III Elements, Potassium , Calcium, Aluminium.
    7. Group IV Elements. Carbon.
    8. Group V Elements. Phosphorus. Nitrogen.
    9. Group VI Elements. Oxygen. Sulphur.
    10. Group VII Elements. Hydrogen. Halogens.
    11. Elements of Subsidiary Groups. Iron. Chromium.
CD ROM includes:
  • 900 training fragments
  • 330 animations
  • 500 graphics
  • 10 minutes of digital video
  • 5 hours of narration
  • 450 "sounded" formulas
  • 50 tests
  • subject index containing 1000 elements
  • index of chemists containing 40 names
"Experiments" provides students with opportunities to see and take part in several laboratory experiments in the basic sections of the course.
Digital video and "sounded"formulizes.
"Test" procedure allows the students to check their progress using a set of wide-ranging tests on the basic sections of the course.
The subject and name indexes can be used for rapid searching of particular information.
Double-level Menu and "PREVIEW". system allow convenient browsing through the course.

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