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CD-ROM "Mechanics of Materials"
The CD ROM "Mechanics of Materials" sets out the material of one of the most complicated courses studied almost by all students of technical faculties.
"Mechanics of Materials"
("Strength of Materials")

is one of the basic engineering disciplines and the foundation for training of highly qualified specialists in mechanical, technological or constructional engineering.
  The CD-ROM consists of the following sections:
    1. Basic concepts and hypotheses.
    2. Basic mechanical properties of materials.
    3. Types of stressed state in materials under pressure.
    4. Analysis of condition materials upon plain pressure.
    5. Calculation of constructional elements with respect of displacements.
    6. Oscillation in elastic system.
    7. Vibrations in elastic system.
    8. Tensometry research of stress and deformation.
    9. Mechanics of composites.
  CD ROM includes:
  • 113 animations
  • 950 graphics
  • 7 minutes of digital video
  • 90 minutes of narration
The use of multimedia and 3D animation tools at teaching the course facilitates the students' comprehension and mastering of its material.

CD ROM " Mechanics of Materials" contains a large amount of illustrative information (photographs and digital video) concerning strength of materials, examples of structural failure, and testing methods.
Double-level Menu and "PREVIEW" system allow convenient browsing through the course.
The structure and contents CD ROM "Mechanics of Materials" are such that it can be used as for the students individual study so as a presentation material for multimedia lectures in specially equipped classrooms.

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