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CD-ROM "Chemistry for beginners"
The multimedia course
"Chemistry for beginners"
is designed for studying chemistry in the 8th-9th forms of secondary school.
Educational CD ROMs should be not less interesting and attractive for children than numerous computer games with perfect 3D graphics and impressive interactivity. The multimedia course "Chemistry for beginners" is an attempt to create such educational software.
First of all we chose an unusual place of representation of the material. It's a circus. Chemistry is a kind of magic. And what is the place more suitable for magic things than a circus?
The course contains the following sections:
  1. Basic Concepts of Chemistry.
  2. The Periodic Table of the Elements.
  3. Properties of Inorganic Substances.
  4. Introduction to Organic Chemistry.
  5. The Application of Chemistry in the Service of Mankind.
CD ROM includes:

  • 620 training fragments
  • 1140 animations
  • 964 graphics
  • 22 minutes of digital video
  • 4 hours of narration
  • 99 "sounded" formulas
  • 80 tests
  • 71 3D models
  • subject index containing 472 elements
  • index of chemists containing 23 names
3D models of moleculas help the students to imagine the structure of organic substances and compounds.
Digital video and "sounded" formulizes.
The miracle world of alchemy and the owl as 3D-cursor.
The information arranged in schemes can be viewed by means of navigational form
The mode "Experiments" provides the students with ample opportunities to preview and take part in several laboratory experiments in the basic sections of the course.
Chapter "The Application of Chemistry in the Service of Mankind" describes as chemistry helps people in a kitchen, in the building construction and in cars.
"Test" mode allows the students to check their progress using a set of tests on the basic sections of the course.
The subject and name indexes of the CD ROM "Chemistry for beginners" can be used for rapid searching of educational information.
Double-level Menu and "PREVIEW" .
system allow convenient browsing through the course. "The merry rabbit" will help you in navigation.

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